MZC Exchange Option

The MZC Exchange option is one in which you purchase a unit from us that has undergone a full rebuild.
It is called an exchange because we offer $100 back for the return of your failed MZC-66 or $125 for your failed MZC-88.  This is the fastest option, since you can usually get a rebuilt MZC to your door, programmed to work in your installation in about one week, including shipping.  Repair or rebuilding your unit can be 3 weeks, including shipping.  You can choose this option even if you don't want to return your old MZC, you just don't get the refund for a returned system.

We usually have at least one MZC-66 and MZC-88 in inventory, so if you want to be surrounded by music fast, we can accomodate.  We can configure a unit for either rack mount or shelf mount, depending on your need.

What to Expect

When you purchase a refurbished unit from us, you will get the following:

  1. One refurbished MZC-66 or MZC-88.   What do we do when we refurbish?
    • In MZC-66's without a factory case fan, we add a side or top-mounted fan.  In MZC-88's we add a top-of-case cooling fan.  In those units with a factory fan, we replace the existing fan with a slightly higher volume fan than original.
    • ​In MZC-66's with the older -1RC2 CPU, we replace with a new  -1RD2 CPU (increases programming RAM)
    • We repair the failed components of the MZC.
    • We rebuild the regulator section of the power supply, replacing the three linear regulator IC's, as well as regulator electrolytics.
    • We relocate the 5v drop down resistor to a less heat sensitive area of the power supply.  This proactive work extends the life of the linear regulators by allowing them to run much cooler, and drops the operating temperature of the regulator section from around 140F to around 90F.
    • In MZC-66's we replace all 54 electrolytic capacitors in the zone amplifier cards in the MZC-66.  These are a typical failure mode for MZC's due to long term heat exposure.  In the MZC-88, all 64 electrolytics are replaced in the zone amp cards.
  2. Programming of the MZC to match your installation is included, if you don't have an installer.  If you have custom IR codes or other customization, there may be an additional charge.  We will need you to answer a few questions about your existing installation to get this right.   Click here for an example of the information we need for basic programming of your MZC.
  3. Finally, you will be provided with re-connection instructions.   Click here for an example of what you can expect.
  4. Ground shipping of the refurbished MZC to your location is covered.
  5. $100 reimbursement for your old MZC-66, or $125 for your old MZC-88, shipping back is covered.

Every refurbished exchange MZC sold after March 20, 2017 includes a 6 month repair guarantee with parts and labor covered on the refurbished MZC.
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