MZC Rebuild Option

When is the rebuild option the best choice for you?  Before you decide, you may want to first understand the typical failure modes of an MZC.

These are common justifications for using the 'rebuild' option:

  • You're already spending several hundred, shipping costs are roughly another hundred, and you realize precautionary component replacement is a wise investment to help assure more years of life expectancy.
  • Your MZC has spent its life in a cool and dust-free environment, so you trust how it has been taken care of.  You would like it rebuilt, as opposed to exchanging it for another unit that has been rebuilt.

Why MZC's Fail

What to Expect

  1. We repair the failed components of the MZC.
  2. We rebuild the regulator section of the power supply, replacing the three linear regulator IC's, as well as regulator electrolytics.  Other IC's in the power supply may need replacing if there is evidence they have been overheated.
  3. We migrate and replace a critical resistor that damages the regulator section by giving off too much heat in a tight space on all MZC's.   The MZC-88 also gets a small cooling fan added to the regulator heat sink.  This proactive work extends the life of the linear regulators by allowing them to run much cooler, and drops the capacitor-killing operating temperature of the regulators  from around 140F to around 90F.  
  4. In MZC-66's without a factory case fan, we add a side-mounted fan or larger top mounted fan.  In MZC-88's we add a top-of-case cooling fan.  In those units with a factory fan, we replace the existing fan with a higher volume fan than original. 
  5. In MZC-66's with the older -1RC2 CPU, we replace with a new  -1RD2 CPU (increases programming RAM)
  6. In MZC-66's we replace all 54 electrolytic capacitors in the zone amplifier cards.  These are a typical failure mode for MZC's due to long term heat exposure.  In the MZC-88, all 64 electrolytics are replaced in the zone amp cards.
  7. In some cases, the programming may be lost in your MZC as a result of the initial failure.  We will then need to recreate the program to match your installation.  In this case, we will need you to answer a few questions about your initial installation so we get this right.   Click here for an example of the information we need for basic programming of your MZC.
  8. Finally, you will be provided with re-connection instructions.   Click here for an example of what you can expect.

Labor Rates:  $45/hr​​
Minimum Charge:  2 hour
Typical Rebuild Cost: $500-$800
Typical Turnaround: Usually a week + shipping time
Repair Warranty:  180 days on the areas we touch, parts and labor.

Example of MZC-66 power supply rebuild.
Side mount fan on MZC-66
If you like what you see, and would like to arrange a rebuild, contact us!
Updating CPU from 32kb to 64kb flash memory
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MZC-66 amp cards freshly stripped of old capacitors
Recapping amp cards from an MZC-66
New Nichicon electrolytics for MZC-88 amp cards
Spent electrolytics from MZC-88 amp cards
Retrofitted top mount fan, MZC-88