MZC Repair Option

When is the repair option the best choice for you?  Before you decide, you may want to first understand the typical failure modes of an MZC.

These are common justifications for using the 'repair only' option:

  • You just want to get your MZC working again.    Perhaps you are selling your home or business and you want everything to 'just work'.  
  • Your MZC is a late model version, perhaps just a few years old.  In this case, a number of common problems have been resolved by the factory in the later revisions.

Why MZC's Fail

What to Expect

Throwing an MZC under the wheel...literally (long story)
  1. The first thing we do is basic troubleshooting, focusing on your report of how the unit has failed.  The minimum time in troubleshooting mode is 2 hours.  We 'pull the lid' off of every unit we get, before we ever plug it in.  We visually inspect everything before we turn the switch on, as we don't want to do any more damage to the unit until we know what the source problem is.  In the case of extreme power surge or lightning strike, we find the unit would be too costly to repair.
  2. We notify you what we have found before we do anything to the unit, and provide you with a quick summary of what we need to do to fix the initial problem.  We then wait for your response.
  3. We perform the repair, and then do a function check to verify that nothing else has failed that wasn't apparent before the repair.  We will then contact you if we see anything else that is not working correctly.  We will also provide you with recommendations based on the condition of certain components that we see historically fail.  Based on your response, we finish the job, then run the MZC for 24 hours before shipping back to you.
  4. In some cases, the programming may be lost in your MZC as a result of the initial failure.  We will then need to recreate the program to match your installation. Click here  to download an example of the information we need for basic programming of your MZC. 
  5. Finally, you will be provided connection instructions along with your MZC .  Click here  to download an example of what you could expect for re-connection instructions.

Labor Rates:  $45/hr​​
Minimum Charge:  2 hours
Typical Repair Cost: $250
Typical Turnaround: Usually less than a week + shipping time
Repair Warranty: 90 days, including parts and labor

12v regulator failure...possibly lightning strike or surge
12v Pre-amp board...replacing amp switching IC
If you like what you see, and would like to arrange a repair, contact us!

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