Customer Reviews
January 2017 - Rebuilt MZC-66
"This guy is truly amazing. Got an MZC? Here's your new BFF. Awesome everything."
Nick, Salt Lake City, UT
September, 2016, Refurbished MZC-66
"This has truly been a great purchase experience. Thanks for doing all of this."
Chris, Mandeville, LA
July, 2016, Refurbished MZC-88
"Rich was very knowledgeable with the MZC-88."
Jamie, from Hartford, SD
August, 2016, Refurbished MZC-88
"Incredible service, before, during and after the sale. 100% recommended"
Paul, Chester Springs, PA
July, 2016, Refurbished MZC-88
"Wonderful eBay seller. Buy with confidence from this vendor. A+"
Dan, Paul's Valley, OK
February, 2017, Rebuilt MZC-66
"Perfect customer service"
Mike, San Diego, CA
December, 2016, Rebuilt MZC-66
"Better than I expected! Quality workmanship, will buy again without hesitation!"
John, Leesburg, FL
February, 2017, Rebuilt MZC-88
"Great communication, really knows this product"
Steve, Palo Heights, IL
February, 2017, Rebuilt MZC-88
"Smooth transaction, MZC-88 worked out perfectly"
Larry, Palm Springs, CA 
May, 2017, Rebuilt MZC-66
"First Class Seller. Great Product, Very Well Serviced. Thanks!"
Vic, Geneva, IL 
Super review from Mike F. in Muskegon, MI...May, 2017

"Rich recently did a rebuild of my 10 year old mzc 66 unit. Let me just say that Rich did an awesome job. Excellent communication and professionalism. This guy goes above and beyond to insure that all goes well. Rich was a pleasure to deal with and I would encourage anyone having problems, and you eventually will, to have Rich help you out. This is way cheaper than replacing your system and starting over! Thanks for everything!!! . "
Great comments from Steve in Palo Heights, IL...Feb 2017

"Rich rebuilds these top quality audio components to arguably better than factory specs. Rich knows these products and provides great communication before during and after sale. I had an 88 that was the cornerstone of my whole house audio. It failed prematurely. While researching replacement options, I discovered many articles explaining the premature failure of the electronic components caused by inadequate cooling. As many of you know, these are very expensive products coupled with the fact my 88 was the backbone of my system and I loved it. I really wanted just to fix it. Enter Rich, I consider myself fortunate to have found Rich. Really nothing more need be said... if you find yourself in a similar situation with a malfunctioning 88/66 get a hold of Rich and he will walk you through it. My experience has been phenomenal! Great guy, Great communicator, Loves 88/66 and he genuinely wants to light your house up with music once more.Check out his site. "
Great comments from John, an A/V integrator in FL, who purchased a rebuilt MZC-66...Dec 2016

"I will give ^^ MZCresurrect a thumbs up. I recently purchased one of his refurbished MZX66's thru his eBay store. 

I still have a few of these systems in service and run one myself in my mountain cabin. I got on the MZC band wagon when they first came out with the "button style" keypads, the addition of the Mode keypad was a leap forward. One thing is guaranteed ... the amps will break!

Rich seams to have identified and corrected the fatal flaws. While it is a bit early to comment on the long term reliability of the upgrades, I'm hopeful. In the past I would swap out the failed units with the B stock refurb's from Speakercraft. When the walkeded away completely I felt it was unfair to my clients to have to scrap everything and start over. Granted it is dated, but when they work they work well and don't require service calls.

Upon receiving the resurrected version from Rich I disassembled it! I inspected all of the areas he touched. I can tell you... he DOES "touch" all of the areas he speaks of and his quality is professional grade. Solder joints are clean and the modifications are as well. 

I won't hesitate to swap the next one that fails with one from MZC resurrect Rich.